The New Look

Gave the blog a new look. Just got tired of the old look and thought I needed something different.  Oh and speaking of new looks….. I’m not the biggest fan of people telling me how ‘skinny’ I am. Duh, obviously I’ve noticed, I look in the mirror every day. Continue reading


Hair Chonicles

Can I just say….. Hi my name is Sayo and I’m a hair junkie =(!!!! Living in this country I’ve come to realize that I do my hair every…….actually whenever I get bored of my current hairstyle. Now mind you, before I decide on what to do next, I spend days, probably weeks stalking different hairstyles. I’m always looking for something different pshh. 

God Bless my hairstylists, they treat me well and know exactly what I want and like.

Here are all my hairstyles (I think), in chronological order since I moved back.

Think it’s safe to say I’m an addict.

SnL x


Center Part- July’12


“The Bun” (twists) Aug/Sep ’12














Side Bangs- Sept/Oct ’12


Side Part- Nov ’12


Short Bob- Nov/Dec ’12


The Bun (not twists)- Dec ’12


Short(er) Bob- Dec ’12/Jan ’13


The Birthday Hair..RED – Jan ’13


Same birthday hair. A little curled- Feb ’13


Mid-length Bob- Feb/March ’13


Back to Twists- March/April ’13


Side Part, Red- April ’13


Big Hair, Side part- April ’13


CURRRRLY. Lasted about week- April ’13


Short Bob…again- May ’13 *covers face*


Blonde Ambitions- May/June’13


Same as above


*sigh*…Currently. Back to the basics- June ’13


Currently, just a little curled- June ’13
































































































































A Little Lip-Action

I don’t really have anything specific to write about. I’m just here blabbing. I’ve been  away from Atlanta for 11 months. It honestly doesn’t feel like it at all, I mean Lagos is good but it definitely has its moments that just make me want to run away. With trying to get settled and starting NYSC, things have been all over the place. Seems like I’m just getting a hold of it now. Starting a new gig soon and I’m looking forward to it. Finally something I will enjoy doing that will keep me busy and allow me to network with people who ‘make sense’ for lack of better words.

I don’t feel like sharing this post on twitter for some reason. I think the twitter phase is definitely over  for me, so if you happen to randomly come across my blog and read this…Thank You =)

I would say “Feels good to be back”….but who knows when next I’ll post an entry?!


Just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like =). A little lipstick-action for you all.




So much has been going on in my life. I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally settled down in Lagos, just in time for the holidays.

Oh wait!!! Am I too early? In my mind Christmas is right around the corner. Just like that, the year is coming to an end. My loved ones are going to be back for the break and it should be nothing but FUN fun fun all around. I’ve already started hearing about different events that will be held this December..including my job *ahem* Copa Lagos…come support us if you’re a soccer fan, or if you’re interested in concerts or fashion =)

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Wedding Bells

My darlings,

I really should be busy doing something else but…here I am. . . My weekend was absolutely amazing. From the Sallah holiday to my boo-cakes Gbeke’s wedding. As soon as I left work on Wednesday I went into bridesmaid mode….had to get my hair done, sort out both outfits for the traditional wedding and the white wedding, then I had to go for rehearsals etc. Let’s just say there was no time to rest.

Wednesday night, went out with my Babies Pinkie and Kemi.
Top- Eclectic by Sasha from L’Espace
Bottoms- black leggings from F21
Shoes- Bakers

Loved the colors for the Traditional wedding. So funny how once upon a time purple was my ‘IT’ color.

Finally, Mrs Atte and I. How stunning is she. *sigh* Congratulations Bex.


So I’m in Dubai till further notice having a blast. This place is absolutely beautiful, I’m doing everything I possibly can before I leave.
Tonight I went out and since I wasn’t sure whether or not to wear a dress, I wore this extremely comfortable wrap top I got from L’Espace, by Rouge. I can’t wait to wear it again…that’s how much I love it . I’ve got so many plans for the top already 😀



Lol forgive my face :p