A Little Lip-Action

I don’t really have anything specific to write about. I’m just here blabbing. I’ve been  away from Atlanta for 11 months. It honestly doesn’t feel like it at all, I mean Lagos is good but it definitely has its moments that just make me want to run away. With trying to get settled and starting NYSC, things have been all over the place. Seems like I’m just getting a hold of it now. Starting a new gig soon and I’m looking forward to it. Finally something I will enjoy doing that will keep me busy and allow me to network with people who ‘make sense’ for lack of better words.

I don’t feel like sharing this post on twitter for some reason. I think the twitter phase is definitely over  for me, so if you happen to randomly come across my blog and read this…Thank You =)

I would say “Feels good to be back”….but who knows when next I’ll post an entry?!


Just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like =). A little lipstick-action for you all.




This thing called Life

Day 6- Your views on Mainstream Music.

Honestly I listen to ‘mainstream’ music so that must mean I like some of it right? Well yeah. Can’t say too much on this topic but I relate to some songs I’ve heard.

In other news. It hit me yesterday (actually about a month ago when I was in NY…on my way back to the hotel…when I cried on the train..yeah then) that one of my closest friends is moving back to Lagos before the end of the year. I guess I’m just so used to having this friend around…and for that to just change is just  ….=(  sad. I know I can always bb, email, call, STALK his ass :p but it just won’t be the same. Love you #youknowwhoyouare.

Work has been okay, I’m off tomorrow =D Thank you Baba God.

Yesterday I had an epiphany…twas completely random. Let me know if this has ever happened to you. So imagine having a plan, something you’ve worked towards for years, and then come to realize that just about anything or ANYONE can come into your life and change those plans. What then happens? Do we just have to accept life’s changes or what?  I swear this thing called Life is beautiful but SO confusing. Thank God for God.

Need to re-evaluate my friendship with some folks. Nothing personal…just feel like it’s time. It also hit me that I’m getting older by the day, by the end of the year I would have been in 3 weddings. May not be a big deal to you…..but kinda is to me. Plus while I was on Tumblr today, I saw this post that said –

“As we grow up, we realize  it becomes less important to have tons of friends, and more important to have real ones.” – Makes too much sense to me now. I love how a couple of years back I would not have understood what this meant, but I’m grateful that I do now.

Speak soon.



That’s what I would say

Day 4- Bullet your whole day.

  • Woke up with back aches =(
  • Didn’t make it to church …i overslept
  • Got on skype and was talking to Vanessa
  • Had some breakfast (really lunch)
  • Was laid out on the couch watching the Harry Potter marathon (which is still on)
  • Got on skype with Dedun for a whillllle
  • Now I’m talking to Temmerz
  • Beautiful day. =)

How was yours?

Day 5- Things You want say to an Ex

My ex ….is an Ex for a reason. Not much to say. But if someone was tickling me and won’t stop until I said something, I would say ” Hey boo, hope all is well. Take care of the next girl who takes time out to care about you. Smooches.”

That’s pretty much it. =) Yay my darling starts a new job tomorrow I’m excited for her (Temmerz). I’m looking forward to hearing her “1st day at work” story.

The weekend was fun….I was playing with my hair on Saturday, I’ve missed it. For those who don’t know, this is what my hair looks like. . .

So yeah, I’m looking for ways to keep my hair healthy and what not. I’m the laziest when it comes to my real hair. If any of you have any cool blogs or youtube links I can look at please let me know.

Hope you all had a fab weekend.



Laugh With Me

Something you feel strongly about.

Love- Just like Temi said ( http://slightlyofkilter.wordpress.com/ ). Deep down I’m a sucker for love but I do not show it.

I’d simply say that I feel people should be able to fall in love with whoever they want as long as you don’t personally sacrifice who you are. Stay true to yourself.  The same way you love that person is the same way that person should love you for who you are.

Ok enough with THAT!!!!

I’ve been in a good mood all day and this just made my night even better

I know the quality sucks but you get the point.


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Tell Me yours

So Edia (temporarywritersblock.wordpress.com) has this challenge on her page and Temi is also doing it. I’m not gonna say I’ll participate in it everyday but when I remember to do so I will. The first challenge:

5 Ways To Win Your Heart.

1) Write me a letter or send me an email every now and then.
2) Laugh with me
3) Give me advice. Be blunt and honest if you have to
4) Sour patch's or Fruit pastilles *sigh*
5) Pictures.Take them, send them, frame them...doesn't have to be of me alone ..but of us..memories etc. 

There are other ways too, but these are the first 5 that came to mind. Care to share yours?

Book #4

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger- Book #4….Hmmm so far I’m not too sure how I feel about this book. It still hasn’t caught my attention like that, but I have to finish it.   You know the saying ” Don’t start what you can’t finish”. *wink*

So far you guys are doing a great job with the contest. Remember to check back on Friday to see who the winner is =).

Honestly I kinda want summer to hurry up and just END already. . . I mean I love my free time and all but I need to be challenged and to be honest I miss my apartment.  I take that back I hardly have any free time with work in the way. But you get my point.

So I think I found my Prince Charmin *lovestruck*  Yeah not much to say today. But I’ve been in a good mood all week. This my friend(s) is AWESOME.

Ok back to reading my book work =)



This is How The Story Goes…

So this is my “How I Met Him” story that I sent to the Ladies of Four Aces .

If you guys have any that you want to share fill free to send it to Me  (fromtheminds@gmail.com) or them ( 4acesdate@gmail.com) . This story could be about anyone not just your “Mr/Mrs Now”. Don’t be shy =)

But yeah enjoy. . .

I went back home for a well deserved vacation. I was going  to be away from ‘the real world’ for a full month so you can imagine my excitement.

One random Friday night after work, my sister returns home all excited dancing and singing saying “Shay we have to go out tonight…I’m in this mood and I just have to dance”. Obviously, me being on holiday I jumped up, called a few friends and told them to ‘follow through’. Then the night started. Mind you, my sisters goal for the night was to ‘introduce me’ to her friends younger brother and I’m there thinking ” Pshhh here we go again”.
So we’re at the lounge, getting drinks, dancing a little and I notice my sister talking to some of her fine ass friends.  Then she starts with the introductions… “Shay this is (let’s call him Maurice) Maurice and his brother Anthony”.  I say hi to the both of them and let them know who my friends are.  Now Anthony was the one I was ‘eyeing’ but that stopped not too long after I noticed he was staring at one of my friends *rolls eyes*. So the night ended shortly after that…..well for me at least.
About 3-4days later. Ria (the friends Anthony was eyeing) and I went out for drinks. On our way out we spotted both Maurice and Anthony walking towards us.–Now in my mind I’m thinking all sorts…How fine he is…How I like the way he’s dressed etc— Maurice stops Ria and does the whole ‘oh I met you before’ thing….No one seems to remember where or when *LIES* Because I definitely said ” We all met through my sister” —low and behold The Voice From The Back. The expression on both their faces was nothing but Priceless. That’s when Anthony walks towards me and is like
“You’re lying , you can’t be Dami’s sister” and we’re going back and forth for like 2minutes. All of a sudden this boy takes it upon himself to stretch his hand out and place it on my forearm.  I’m there looking like “Errr ‘scuse me brada but I don’t know you like that’  and he’s going on about how soft my skin is and blah blah blah.
Ok to be completely honest with you I was melting on the inside, he was standing so close to me I didn’t know how else to control myself but be defensive.
He apologized and simply asked for my number and bb pin…I gave him my number, then Ria and I finally left.  The next day I woke up to a text from him saying Good Morning, asking what I had planned for the day and if I wanted to meet up with him.
— Now I don’t know about you….but for me..I wait till I know a little about the guy before I meet up with him or anything. So for about 2 or 3 days I came up with excuses which worked in my favor because I managed to find a friend of mine who went to school with Anthony and gave me the “Go Ahead”.
***Ok this is getting really long sorry girls***
But yeah soon after, Anthony would call me everyday just to find out where I was and no matter where,  he’d stop by and say hi to me. The best part was when he came to meet me at the hair salon. Thank GOD my hair was done, Mr John (baddest hairdresser I know) was hooking it up so Anthony was somewhat speechless *giggles*. From there we went to lunch and my holiday just continued this way.
Let’s just say …..’and the rest is history’ –In a good way of course =)