Duns Story

January 2011, I’m sitting on the couch in my friend’s living room in Lagos chilling with a bunch of friends when he goes ‘Dedun, I’m going to introduce you to someone, I’m pretty sure you guys will get along’. I’m sitting there like Okay ?! Emm.. I don’t want to be introduced to anyone especially now that I’m getting the hang of being 100% single.. I told him not to bother and continued whatever I was doing. The next day I got on a plane back to Abuja and forgot all about it.

Two days later, my friend calls me and says “Ohh, I gave this guy your number, his name is ‘Dub’. He’s in your city for a couple of days so make sure he has fun” I’m there panicking and confused like why the hell did you give a random stranger my number ! Deep down inside I was kinda excited at the thought of a new ‘guy’ but of course I had to ‘form’ a bit.

Later on that evening, I’m sitting in Cafe 24 when my phone rang. I’m like ‘Hey who’s this’ then a sexy (yes.. Very sexy voice) answered saying ‘hey, I’m Dub.. O’s friend’. We had a really short conversation and we agreed to meet up for drinks at Ketchup the next day.

So, next day comes.. I try on like 500 different outfits until I decide on a tank top and my ripped jeans (I know, very simple right) and go to Ketchup. I got there before him and was nervous ! I kept thinking what if he’s not cute, what if its just the voice, what if he’s short.. I’m doing all this when the cutest guy walks in.. He was wearing a black shirt over black jeans and some slippers.. He walked over to me with the cutest smile and said ‘hey dedun’ and that was it.. I was hooked on his smile.. We talked for a while, he made me laugh, I made him laugh.. You know, that type of thing. He kept complementing me and I couldn’t stop blushing, he really did make me speechless.

We had a wonderful time at drinks and then headed off to Play for a little dancing. It was an awesome night that led to something fun and exciting. 🙂



—My Duns.


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