Wedding Bells

My darlings,

I really should be busy doing something else but…here I am. . . My weekend was absolutely amazing. From the Sallah holiday to my boo-cakes Gbeke’s wedding. As soon as I left work on Wednesday I went into bridesmaid mode….had to get my hair done, sort out both outfits for the traditional wedding and the white wedding, then I had to go for rehearsals etc. Let’s just say there was no time to rest.

Wednesday night, went out with my Babies Pinkie and Kemi.
Top- Eclectic by Sasha from L’Espace
Bottoms- black leggings from F21
Shoes- Bakers

Loved the colors for the Traditional wedding. So funny how once upon a time purple was my ‘IT’ color.

Finally, Mrs Atte and I. How stunning is she. *sigh* Congratulations Bex.



Hello my lovelies,
So remember how I was talking about a project I was starting this week? Well the time has come. Basically for the next couple of months I’m going to be a L’Espace Fashbassador, meaning I pretty much blog about what i wear daily. I’ve kinda always wanted to do that at least this way I have a good enough reason to continue blogging regularly. When I got the call about it I was ecstatic. *sigh* what makes me smile more than clothes and shoes??? …ok maybe food but you get the point.

Today I had THE most impromptu meeting ever. So I had just a few hours to prepare. Funny enough I think I work well under pressure *shrug*
I had to figure out what to wear with so little time…but here’s what I came up with.




Dress- H&M
Jacket- H&M
Shoes- Aldo
Choker and Belt- vintage store.

I love this choker because there are so many different ways to wear it. Plus it adds some ‘umph’ to the outfit.

Hope you all have a Blessed week.


Friday night after work, I went to the movies with a friend. We went to see Transformers 3. Now you know when you have never been out with someone so you’re not too sure what to expect? Yeah well that’s what I was going through…and NO it wasn’t a date, we both just wanted to see a movie…..

Anyways, long story short….the movie was awesome…I definitely need a Sam Witwicky in my life, someone who will always go out of their way to protect me no matter what..*sigh*…after the movie we went to eat – that’s a bit backwards right?-  Yeah i know…it made things better though.

We ate, talked, laughed all that fun stuff. After sitting there for about 3/4hours It hit like wow #ThatAwkwardMoment where you realize you made a new friend who is ACTUALLY cool. Just my luck he doesn’t live here but we shall stay in touch for sure….

Yeah…just thought to share that with you guys.

Next thing I need to do is write my “How I Met Him” story. Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Check out



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My Tour….so far.

Hello Beautiful People,
Gosh for the past week I’ve been traveling. Now that I’m back home…I don’t want to leave…BUT….there’s one more place I have to go =)
Meanwhile, not much to say to be honest!! But here are a few pictures…Enjoy!!

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The best is yet to come.

So Yeah…

*Screaming* Ugh…. So I just managed to wipe out what I was about to post. Hiss. Don’t you just hate it when you are doing something important and it just finds a way to freaking DISAPPEAR??? Absolute cock!
Anywaysssss today in NY, it rained 😦 so didn’t do much at all but hang out with my cousin and his babe. I think I might head to Soho tomorrow or something. Hopefully the weather isn’t as bad. I’m not one to go out and do all that sight-seeing so I think I’ll just find a cool bar afterwards and chill there…..
Enjoy people and good luck to those who have Exams.


Where have I been?

So, since the last time I blogged I’ve been traveling and what not. Last weekend I went to Philly for a wedding and boy did I have a blast. It’s so beautiful to see two people so committed and ready to start a journey together. Was rather touching but still doesn’t make me want a man or nothing right now. I’m so weird sometimes….once upon a time I was (and still am really) a sucker for love, and all that comes with it…today the idea of it seems so *blaaaaah* to me. Does that even make sense? I mean I love the idea of it but not exactly ready to experience it or what not.
Anyway, moving on my sister’s introduction was on Sunday, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but judging by the pictures, looked like a lot of fun. So happy for her and I cannot wait for the wedding.
Was also in DC for a brief second and we all know how much fun I have when I’m with my ‘peoples’. At the moment I’m in New York. Gosh it’s been such a long time since I’ve been here, I’m talking two
years. I plan on having a lot of fun plus I’m here for my darling friend/twin’s birthday *cheesy face*. Should be tons of fun so I’m definitely looking forward to it.
How have you all been? (I probably won’t get a response to that but it’s worth a try) =)
PS I didn’t proof read or anything…it’s past 2am…I’m tired so please excuse any ‘errors’. Smooches.