A Little Lip-Action

I don’t really have anything specific to write about. I’m just here blabbing. I’ve been  away from Atlanta for 11 months. It honestly doesn’t feel like it at all, I mean Lagos is good but it definitely has its moments that just make me want to run away. With trying to get settled and starting NYSC, things have been all over the place. Seems like I’m just getting a hold of it now. Starting a new gig soon and I’m looking forward to it. Finally something I will enjoy doing that will keep me busy and allow me to network with people who ‘make sense’ for lack of better words.

I don’t feel like sharing this post on twitter for some reason. I think the twitter phase is definitely over  for me, so if you happen to randomly come across my blog and read this…Thank You =)

I would say “Feels good to be back”….but who knows when next I’ll post an entry?!


Just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like =). A little lipstick-action for you all.




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