The Move..and then some

I can’t even begin to explain that past few months. Let’s just say way too much has happened, some of which (of course) I shall share.

Since my last post I’ve lost someone very close to me. Can’t say much on the situation, but God knows best. It was and still is a huge shock to myself and many others. But with time we will all heal.

I’ve moved back to Nigeria. To be honest, it’s exactly how I imagined it would be. A lot of people keep asking me how I’m adjusting, managing, settling down etc. really the best thing to do (for me) is just take it in one day at a time. I won’t start NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) until later this year so right now I’m working on different projects to keep busy.

I feel like I’ve lost touch with the things I really love since I’ve been back, hence my sudden urge to write. I’m not sure if it’s the whole Internet situation in this country, laziness or the ‘hustle’ mentality I have now that keeps me forever on my toes. But I’m not a big fan at all. Personally I miss writing…blogging. Whether I still have readers or not I’m not sure but it makes me feel better. 🙂

I spent my evening working on a project that excites my blood!!! Yup I really did say ‘excites my blood’….been working on a logo for it and once that’s done I shall share the exciting news.

September seems to be looking up already…start another major project on the 24th..,that I believe you will enjoy.

Till then….


Peace, Love and All Things Girlie



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