Happy New Year to my Lovely Readers!!!!!! Smooches!

So obviously I’m back from vacation (for those who care). …and to cut the long story short, it  was AMAZING! Being home is always a good feeling. Yes there were moments where I just wanted to come back to Atlanta…but I still had my fun.

So far this Year (although it’s still “New”):

  • I turned 23 =D
  • My Grandfather is 101 =D =D
  • My family members are alive and well (Thank you Lord)
  • and I made it back Safe!

Can only thank God. Graduation is in a few months so all I’m doing in my spare time is applying for jobs. I was told to try and apply to at LEAST 5 daily!!! *sigh* It’s a real challenge but hey…If I want a job I guess I’ll do it….right?


Otherwise…how are you guys?

There’s something on my mind…I really want to write about it…In fact I think I will….just read my next post to find out.




2 thoughts on “

  1. You are back…YAY!!!!
    Special Happy Birthday to you (in arrears). Hope you had fun! Wow your granddad is 101..amazing
    Good to know you had fun in Nigeria. Missed you 🙂

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