This School Thing is…….

My goodness, my lack of blogging is really upsetting me =(. I spend my days working on projects, writing papers, studying and finalizing wedding plans. As the days are fast approaching, there seems to be more work piling up.  Plus I’ve got so much paperwork to do/sort out for EADM.

*doing the cabbage patch dance* I’ll be in Lagos before I know it. Deep down, I’m pretending to be calm about it but we all know how  excited I am. =D

But real talk though, I feel like I’m under so much pressure and I’m not exactly sure why. It’s so bad the other day I was saying “My Wedding” … “My bridal shower”. Lol like who does that? O_o !!!!

Right now school is just hell on earth *rolls eyes*. I feel like I’ve never been so busy in my life…This senior is really taking its toll on me. My sister’s wedding (aka my mini vacation) couldn’t have come at a better time.

But yeah, just thought I’d blog a little tonight….Back to work for me =(




2 thoughts on “This School Thing is…….

  1. An avid reader of your blog misses you!
    i’m in senior year as well and i can relate! we’ll make it through by God’s grace. Hope you have an awesome time in lagos *jealous* lol..

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