So In About 2 weeks…..

Oh my days!!! You guys…I’ll be off to Lagos in 16days. Who is excited??? ME..ME..ME!!!!!
Wedding 2 is right around the corner. Everything is in place…Bridal shower theme…SET…I can’t say too much just yet in case my sister decides to snoop around. But just know that’s it’s something cute.
I am SOOOO ready to go…this semester has just been disgusting to say the least. This ‘vacation’ couldn’t have come at a better time.

Meanwhile last weekend was AMAZING. I went to Maryland for my Darling Temi’s birthday Cocktail Party that she had. Obviously knowing how bossy she can be….we (Pinky, Bisi, her cousin Temi and I) were clearly slaves the entire weekend-But I still love her–.

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In other GREAT news, why don’t you all check out =) Pretty exciting things are about to happen. I cannot wait to share it with you all. Just give me some time please.


How are you all doing? School? Work? Family? Social Life? I’m asking because I care…and I’d like to know…if you want to share.

Can I just say…Natural hair is not for everybody. I remember about a month ago (if not less) when I was trying to ’embrace’ it psssssh….I need a quick fix (perm of course)….BUT I shall try!!!
I guess we’ll just wait and see how it goes…I look decent sha I can’t lie *flicks weave*

Okie dokes beautiful people, clearly I’m just rambling…so……..



2 thoughts on “So In About 2 weeks…..

    • My partner and I came up with the idea to sell products (from clothes to shoes) made exclusively by Nigerian Designers. Out site is pretty much where customers can purchase the items.

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