Cheers to the Fr…weekend

I’ve been slacking I know, but I have a legit reason, School. This is what week 6? And here I am pulling my 1st all nighter. *sigh* got some crazy obnoxious tests coming up this week, as well as some monstrous papers to write. But all is well.
So for the first time in a while my weekends have been pretty eventful. Last weekend was my roommates birthday as well as my good friend Aita. We all went out and had a blast at The W downtown Atlanta. My darling friend Nosen came to visit for a couple of days. Bless her heart, she’s such a doll and I miss her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

from l-r Nosen, me, Nicole. Love how we all wore black but didn’t plan it.

My ‘twin’ Ellie and I

On Friday my roommate invited a few of us out to the Coffee House shindig that was going on at my school. People sang and it was decent. The few songs I did hear (I’d say about 5) were pretty good.

I was feeling a bit cool. *shy face*

What else did I do? *scratches head* ……. Oh yeah on Saturday we went to watch the match at my roomies fam’s house and BOY was that a lot of fun. It was nice meeting most of her family, but my focus was on THE fight. Mayweather is ………he’s good. Lol I like him.

Ellie and I once again.

Sidenote: Temi has been calling me ‘Afrocentric’. Lol silly rabbit. I can’t lie though I love having my hair out buuuuuuuuuut I have to get it done soon, you know me.

Hope you all have a Blessed week,



6 thoughts on “Cheers to the Fr…weekend

  1. Just came across your blog. Aww, its intresting… LOL โค But honestly, IM not a huge fan of the natural hair for you, i mean it really like your weaves, looks. its presshh!

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