I’m Embracing It.

So for a very long time (like a week), I’ve been trying to figure out what  to do to my hair. My twists were getting old and irritating.

I first I had a weave in, but I got bored with that. I did it myself so I was ok taking it out after a week or so. Don’t judge.

And now I look like this . . .

I was a bit bored so yeah….Schools been good. Working on something MAJOR….you guys will know about it when the time is right no worries.

So yeah, my hair is pretty much natural. I just think it’s time I embrace it. Kinda looking forward to it to be honest.


Day 16- Something you always think “what if” about:

Errr my journal. I always think “what if someone reads it?” I feel like I just leave it lying around. No one really knows what it looks like so I’m glad. But that’s my baby. I write in Rouge (yes she has a name -__-) every night.  Other than that…I’d rather not do the whole “what if” thing….only because anything can and in most cases will happen.




8 thoughts on “I’m Embracing It.

  1. Wow! You have no extensions in?????
    If thats is your natural hair then that’s amazing….You have to share some secrets…How long have you been natural???
    What products do you use?

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