September in a bit!!

Day 14 – What You Wore Today

Nothing so special.

Clearly a lazy pic

Blue blouse Delia’s $1o

Black skinnies-  Levi’s (can’t remember how much)

Bakers Fanta (red) –  $50-80

So yeah..that was me for the day. Forgive me…I can’t remember how much the shoes were either.

But today was a good day. It’s only 8pm and I am SO ready for bed….I have to watch Big Brother though =) I’ll catch the rest of my shows online tomorrow, can’t be bothered.

Hope you all had a good weekend. September is right around the corner…..wowzers. Meaning both wedding are like RIGHT THERE *pointing* I’m so excited.

Ok Bye folks.




7 thoughts on “September in a bit!!

  1. my request Okay so i think that you should have a post were everyone just ask you questions/ stories/ you give advice/ people tell you things and then people leave them as comments and people can ask u things then you make a vlog answering all the questions like a Q & A thing, i think that would be really nice if u want 2 and oh nice outfit :}}}}}}}

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