Chin Chillen!!

This thing called school? BLEEEEH. Day 2 and I’m already frustrated….But it is well.

I bet you guys thought I had forgotten about you huh? Well let me tell you now, I HAVE NOT. Just been settling down and all getting used to things once again.

Just in case you were wondering, Blog #2 (El Amor De Moda) is doing fine =) Looking forward to a lot of great features and what not. Wait I’m allowed to ‘boast’ about it here right? I mean this is my ‘personal’ blog and all!!

Anyways moving on, Have I mentioned how much I love my Limz? aka Halima….If you are reading this woman I LOOOOOOVE YOU! *sigh* Yeah just had to get that out.

Oh before I forget:

Day 13- Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.

If we’re being completely honest…I LOVE MY BODY. Everything about it. Thank God.

I do not work out…I’m way too lazy for that. I’d rather watch tv, lay around and eaaaaat! Food is the BEST thing out there.

So yeah, what’s really good with you guys? –Please leave comments so it doesn’t seem like I’m talking to myself -__- Thanks.





9 thoughts on “Chin Chillen!!

  1. I always read but never comment lol but I will todayjust so you dont feel like your talking to yourself. WE STILL ARE HERE!!!!!!!

  2. I’m just starting school too. Sorry, if I dont leave as much comments lol, but Im here 100%! And I love El Amor De Moda, and girl you can talk about it as much as you want on here. 😉

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