Hmmm 5 Attractive Guys?

So this is my last weekend before the Fall semester starts on Monday. How do I plan to spend it you may wonder…..You know me, I’m staying home and I’m gonna read. Oh yeah I’m on book #5. Clearly I failed my challenge =( Didn’t get to 10 books…speaking of challenges:

Day 12 – 5 guys whom you find attractive.

1- Anthony. (remember him? No? Ok refresh your memory )

2- Usher


4-Jason Momoa

5- Eric Northman aka  Alexander Skarsgard

That was easy. Could name a few more but…they only asked for 5. I know I’m a bit late but Frank Ocean?? *sigh* He’s good.  And oh my days….3months and I’m in Lagos- *jumps up and down*

Seems like I’m all over the place doesn’t it? Well that’s because I am. Currently working on a new post for El Amor De Moda. So far we’ve gotten a lot of feedback and I must say it’s all been good. If you have any suggestions or anything please let me know. Thanks in Advance.




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