You’re So 2008

I promise I’m not a mean person, but one may think so with the things I’m about to say.
‘Blasts from the past’ — what pests they are, like freaking fleas. You get rid of them and they keep coming back. They’re a freaking menace to society I tell you.

I believe people are your ‘ex’ for a reason. Especially if you stopped dating/talking to them on your own. Now if it was because of a situation, i.e distance, family, religion etc then that’s a different story.
Recently some fellow that used to like me has been trying to hang out with me. He calls -__- I ignore, he sends a text message -__- I ignore. He just needs to understand I don’t want. I mean granted he keeps trying because I haven’t told him to stop right? Yes *sigh* I guess I was interested once upon a time…I used to reply his texts at least…that’s me being interested on some level right?  Next time I’ll just tell him point black …

” It’s not you it’s me,I don’t have text messaging on my phone.”  O_o  He’ll believe it right? –Ok good.

What’s your take on the topic?  Do you like the fact that your blast from the past still tries to ‘be friends’ *rolling my eyes*  or would you rather they just be kind enough to use the Exit and stay out?



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