What a night.

Day 11- Your Family

iLove them. Every single one of them. They complete me.Miss them so much these days. Oh and by the way I’m talking about my immediate family. Gonna see them next month so I’m happy. I also consider some of my friends as a part of my family….they know who they are.


In other news, I do not plan on leaving my house today. Not in the mood to drive at all. Last night was rather eventful. Got a call from my friend Aita, she invited me to a ‘house party’ and seeing as I wasn’t doing anything but laying around watching tv I decided to go.  So I met up with her, and we ended up going to a studio…like a recording studio…which was decent. clearly wasn’t a house party but we (5 of my friends and I) hung out with some folks-  producers and all – they played some sample tracks from some upcoming group which was NOT bad at all.

Long story short I’m glad I went. I took pictures BUT…..we were having too much fun …so they just turned out..ODD lol

Hope you’re all having a fab day.




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