Happy Sunday.

Day 10 – Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write The First 10 Songs.

-__- Ok……. well here it goes.

  1. 1+1 – Beyonce
  2. Everybody Else – J.Pich ft T- Pain
  3. On & On – Kelly Rowland
  4. So Cold – Chris Brown
  5. Hey Young World- DRB
  6. Turning Tables – Adele
  7. Last Night- Keyshia Cole ft Diddy
  8. How Low Remix- Ludacris  ft Ciara and Pitbull
  9. I’m So Appalled- DRB
  10. Shotgun- Robert (From Day26)
And there you have it =)
Today was a good day. I went to church, went bowling with some folks and i WON the 1st round hehehe. No pictures though =( I forgot my camera at home. Oh and here’s my vlog guys. It’s a couples days late so please forgive me.
I was tired. Please excuse the video…But I said I was going to do so…..

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