Still matters right?

I’m so tired. I’m physically exhausted and have been like this for a couple of days now. I think I’m just extremely irritated. I do get like this often and I hate it. I literally just want to crawl into bed and not wake up till school starts in August. Today is my cousin’s wedding in Lagos and I’m here….missing it. Got my Mother, sister and other cousin Bekky sending me pictures, this can’t be life.
In other news, like I mentioned in my last post I have a pool party to go to today so I’m looking forward to that. I really just want to lay outside and read my book, will be done with it (Chasing Harry Winston) today and I’ll be able to start Baby Proof (Emily Giffin)…can’t wait.
Day 8 – What You Ate Today
-___- What do you care? But either way…so far…
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • baked chicken and rice

What are you guys getting up to this wknd? In fact maybe I’ll do a vlog now so………….


—- Yeah so I think it’s safe to say I was in a ‘shitty’ mood. Sheesh. I composed this last week but just forgot to publish it. I can be so moody sometimes. But yarr no vlog for that day and no pool party the next either. It rained over the weekend so I stayed my cute butt at home. =)




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