Back on Track

While at work I always draft my posts and save them. I don’t know why but I guess coming in at 8am is just peaceful. I’m usually the only one in the office for the most part and it’s nothing but serene. The past couple of days have been great. The weekend was decent, didn’t get up to much at all so you know that meant bumming around. I started the show Breaking Bad and so far so good actually. This is my last week at work, and I’m trying my hardest not to show how happy I am. For 2 weeks straight I get to stay home and sleep in for as long as I want. I cannot wait. Meanwhile the topic of marriage not even relationships has been ringing in my ears for the past couple of days now. From this person to that person everyone around me just seems to be talking about it. Or is that just me? O_o
Yesterday my friend was asking me if I was ready for ‘it’. I laughed so hard (well in my mind at least). How could I possibly be ready for it? Not yet at least. I need to be in a long-term relationship before that can even come in to ‘play’. Anyways I’m way too happy these days and I just Thank God. Think I’m gonna get to see my darling before he leaves. (don’t feel like explaining).
This ‘Chasing Harry Winston’ book is boring to me. I read just becasue…..Oh yeah on to the challenge.
Day 9- How Important You Think Education Is.
Extremely. The simple things matter. Speaking, Spelling, Understanding, Listening. You learn all this either from a teacher or someone who knows. Nonetheless it’s still a form of education right? Yeah!!! obviously we all know how important it is. Not really gonna get into it.
Have a blessed day.

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