What A Day!

Day 7- 5 Pet Peeves
1- When people try to be nosy and read what I’m doing on my phone. Sucks for you..I have a privacy screen so GOOD LUCK!!!!
2- When people say “I have something to tell you” …but take forever to actually get it out…or even WORSE…they say “Oh I can’t tell you yet”. Grrr why would you even bother bringing it up then? I t literally gets under my skin.
3- When my friends….yes MY friends just pick my stuff up and use it…or wear. If they asked for permission it’ll be SO different. but when they don’t? *sigh*
4- When people bite their nails. I can’t stand it. Can’t watch it. Can’t deal with it. Poor nails šŸ˜¦
5- Chipped nail polish….*spit*
What a day its been so far. Work was decent. Got crazy for a couple of hours butĀ nothing I couldn’t handle. And O-M-G my darling Kunbi got engaged last night to Olamide. Talk about excitement. When I heard I was freaking out (in a good way of course)….then I sent her a text…and when she called…I SCREAMED. I love good news. I’m sure we all do. Yet another wedding to look forward too and I am so happy about that. Thank God for his blessings upon us all. Tomorrow I have a pool party to go to so that should be tons of fun =).
So I was going to do my first OOTD (outfit of the day)….BUT…I was locked out my house after work for THREE hours…imagine that crap! When I finally got in (don’t ask how -___-) I jumped straight into bed.
Vlog coming soon? I think YES.
Have a Blessed weekend

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