This thing called Life

Day 6- Your views on Mainstream Music.

Honestly I listen to ‘mainstream’ music so that must mean I like some of it right? Well yeah. Can’t say too much on this topic but I relate to some songs I’ve heard.

In other news. It hit me yesterday (actually about a month ago when I was in NY…on my way back to the hotel…when I cried on the train..yeah then) that one of my closest friends is moving back to Lagos before the end of the year. I guess I’m just so used to having this friend around…and for that to just change is just  ….=(  sad. I know I can always bb, email, call, STALK his ass :p but it just won’t be the same. Love you #youknowwhoyouare.

Work has been okay, I’m off tomorrow =D Thank you Baba God.

Yesterday I had an epiphany…twas completely random. Let me know if this has ever happened to you. So imagine having a plan, something you’ve worked towards for years, and then come to realize that just about anything or ANYONE can come into your life and change those plans. What then happens? Do we just have to accept life’s changes or what?  I swear this thing called Life is beautiful but SO confusing. Thank God for God.

Need to re-evaluate my friendship with some folks. Nothing personal…just feel like it’s time. It also hit me that I’m getting older by the day, by the end of the year I would have been in 3 weddings. May not be a big deal to you…..but kinda is to me. Plus while I was on Tumblr today, I saw this post that said –

“As we grow up, we realize  it becomes less important to have tons of friends, and more important to have real ones.” – Makes too much sense to me now. I love how a couple of years back I would not have understood what this meant, but I’m grateful that I do now.

Speak soon.




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