Guess who won!!!

My loved ones,

Ok so FORGIVE me for not announcing the winner yesterday. But it is Miss LOLA -woohooooooo *jumping and screaming AND clapping*. Congratulations boo and for those who asked or just want to know, the answers are:

1) B- House Number

2) Smooches and Licks

3) C- Ex Boyfriend

4) A- My Blackberry

5) B- Temi and Vanessa

6) C- May 5th.

So yeah it wasn’t TOO hard right?

Anyways, the weekend has been good to me so far. Was off work yesterday so I was able to do some more wedding stuff, which was fun actually.

Quick question, would you guys tell your ex if you started dating someone new? (I’m not dating anyone, and let’s say you and your ex are good friends now)….what would you do? I’d really like to know.

Oh and for todays challenge -Day 3 : Your favourite Novel

Hmmm I guess I’ll do my fav from this year, which would have to be Something Borrowed. Yeah I know…so BLEH…but mind you it was a good book. #TeamGiffin

Hope you’re all doing well. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Smooches and Licks =)



8 thoughts on “Guess who won!!!

  1. How often do I do my hair?
    A. Never
    B. Everyday
    C. once a year
    I would get this one right! The answer is B EVERRRYDAY (: & I agree with the people above me.

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