Do You want to Win?

First of all, I must say you guys are awesome. As I open up my blog each day and read all the comments I melt…..yup Melt-and that’s a good thing of course. But since I mentioned the little contest you guys have been asking about it so here it goes.

I’ll give you guys till the end of the week. The winner will be announced on Friday.

All you have to do is answer the questions below and whoever answers them correctly (well most of them at least) wins. Simple! You can answer them as a comment or email me Have fun with it guys!

1) Where does ‘2419’ come from?
     a) My favorite numbers combined.
     b) House number.
     c) Each digit has its own special meaning.
2) What does SnL stand for?
3) Who encouraged me to start writing again?
     a) My Mother
     b) Best friend
     c) Ex- Boyfriend
4) What am I more addicted to?
    a) Twitter
    b) My blackberry
    c) Sleeping
5) What two friends have posted entries on my blog before?
     a) Lexi & Temi
     b) Temi & Vanessa
     c) Bekky & Sayo
     d) Vanessa & Lexi
6) When is my blogs birthday =D ?
     a) January 5th
     b) March 5th
     c) May 5th
     d) July 5th




18 thoughts on “Do You want to Win?

  1. 1 house number
    2 best friend
    3 smooches and licks
    4 All three. but we’ll go ahead and say Midnight 3.
    5 Temi & Vanessa

    I want MONIES!

  2. I ave been waiting fo this
    1.fav # combined
    2. stand for uh, kisses and licks
    3. you mom
    4. sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    5. A!!!! tricky one gal
    6. MARCH 6?

  3. a. house number b.smooches n licks DUH c. either ur mom or your bff im going to go with bff, temi?! lol idk d. this is sooo hard!!!! all of them are!!! but your blackberry, cause i know thats mines lol and e. i remeber temi cause you guys did a video thing about make up together but i also know you concider lexi as another person, i dont remeber vannessa?! or bekky, so e is lexi and temi and f is Jan.5th i hope im right ooo!

  4. 1. House Number
    2. Smooches & Licks
    5. Temi and Vanessa
    6. May 6th …dunno if mistakenly put May 5th so I’ll say May 5th

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