It was F.U.N

So Friday night came and just like that I was in DC. Excited for the weekend ahead I managed to switch flights to get on an earlier one. Weekends in DC are always epic (for the most part anyways). Saturday we ( the entire gang, too lazy to name everyone) went to a pool party and BOY did I feel like I was in Miami. You know the whole thing chicks walking around in their bikini’s, gay guys and their cute little trunks, drinks flowing non-stop, house music playing, you dancing? – yeah that feeling. Was beyond fun, plus the pool wasn’t half bad, just the right temperature. After that, we stopped by at Summer Breeze which was good. Saw and said hi to all the people I needed to, was there for about an hour and some change then we left (tbh we got there late). Saturday night was all over the place some people went out, the rest didn’t, some played games, some slept. Was actually a very fun weekend all in all. Glad I was able to get out for a few days and ‘relax’. It’s funny I say that word because that’s something I sure didn’t do- sleep- 😦 but I shall do that after this post.

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PS-I think it’s safe to say my vlog was a ‘hit’ YOU guys are all awesome. Thank you for reading and commenting.



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