*Shy Face*

So thanks to Toyosi I decided to vlog today =).

Like I said I want to do a little something for my readers and have a little giveaway. All you guys have to do is answer 10 (easy) questions about me, whoever gets most if not all the questions right wins. That simple. (Now the real ‘quiz’ would be to see how many of you really participate).

Other than that. . . Today was a blessed day. Excited for the weekend, seems like it’s going to be eventful. Look out for pictures tomorrow =)

PS- my lisp is a problem. x_x

Smooches and Licks My Darlings.



29 thoughts on “*Shy Face*

  1. you define beauty! natural beauty! you should vlog more often i feel closer to uwhen we can actually c u insted of just reading u kno?

    • Yaaaaaaaay. I think it’s safe to say you enjoyed this post. Ok I’ll try and do it at least once a week or so.
      But I am so shy. That’s the only thing.

      Thank you Taiwo.

  2. Yooooo, I odee love your blog. Its really nice. You should check out mines! Oh, and I want to request you doing a little outfit of the day. or show us what your wearing something like that! Like you did one a while back when you played dont dull I wanna see another one.

    • Awwww Thank you. What’s your blog? I’d love to check it out. Looking for new blogs to follow anyways.
      And I shall do just that for you. Maybe tmr post? =)
      Don’t forget to send me your blogs info.


  3. Tell me about you, for the contest lol? And Lmao at the person who asked if u like it when guys nibble on ur ear and i laughrd so hard at me pictueing you dying when a guy trys to be romantic lol

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