Friday night after work, I went to the movies with a friend. We went to see Transformers 3. Now you know when you have never been out with someone so you’re not too sure what to expect? Yeah well that’s what I was going through…and NO it wasn’t a date, we both just wanted to see a movie…..

Anyways, long story short….the movie was awesome…I definitely need a Sam Witwicky in my life, someone who will always go out of their way to protect me no matter what..*sigh*…after the movie we went to eat – that’s a bit backwards right?-  Yeah i know…it made things better though.

We ate, talked, laughed all that fun stuff. After sitting there for about 3/4hours It hit like wow #ThatAwkwardMoment where you realize you made a new friend who is ACTUALLY cool. Just my luck he doesn’t live here but we shall stay in touch for sure….

Yeah…just thought to share that with you guys.

Next thing I need to do is write my “How I Met Him” story. Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Check out http://www.the4acesdate.com/2011/07/how-i-met-him-project.html




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