What Do You Like To Do?

This is completely random…But what do you guys do in your free time?

For me…it being summer… I don’t have anything to do ( for now..gonna start back at my old job next week).

But between the end of the semester and now..a few thing I’ve been doing….

Tumblr – http://www.2419.tumblr.com : When I say I’m addicted, please believe me. Lol

Twitter- @LexiBanks : Find me there (But pls leave a comment to let me know if you’re going to follow me…)

Traveling- *sigh* My favorite…I’ve been to 4 states within the past month and a half…..And i’ll be on my way to….*Watch this Space*

Online Shows- Just finished watching Prison Break….I miss Michael Scofield. =( …Any suggestions on what shows I can watch?

What do you enjoy?




6 thoughts on “What Do You Like To Do?

  1. I lOVE reading. I thought you were reading something borrowed?
    … I also came up with a summer bucket list to help maximize my time. I think that works better…. now as for movies/shows. Try HIMYM from the beginning .. lol .. and reno 911.

  2. LOL @ HIMYM…*sigh* – For those who don’t know..that is “How I Met Your Mother” ..LOVE that show.
    And I have Finished Something Borrowed and Something Blue…I’m on her third book now called Heart of The Matter.


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