What ever happened?

The good ol’ 90s. *sigh*

So I’m here sitting down in my living room JAMMIN’ to some good old R. Kelly songs. There’s not ONE song that has come on that I haven’t said or uttered the words ‘OH SHIT’ to. Is it just me? (It can’t be) But in my opinion there’s nothing like 90’s RnB.  Granted, I’m only 22 and a few of you (who are older) may feel like I know nothing….but believe me….music is my thing.

Imagine life today without music? What would we all ‘cling’ to if I may….clothes? shoes (which is already the case for me).

But yeah, what are a few of your favorite albums from this era? Or artists?

It’s raining outside..and it’s beautiful…me+rain+tv+twitter+laptop+tumblr+BB=BLISS




5 thoughts on “What ever happened?

    • Abby…USHER was it for me *sigh*
      Loved (still do actually) This album.

      Aww Dominus you had that album? – Obviously at that age I was their biggest fan.

      If only boy bands would stick together.

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