Where have I been?

So, since the last time I blogged I’ve been traveling and what not. Last weekend I went to Philly for a wedding and boy did I have a blast. It’s so beautiful to see two people so committed and ready to start a journey together. Was rather touching but still doesn’t make me want a man or nothing right now. I’m so weird sometimes….once upon a time I was (and still am really) a sucker for love, and all that comes with it…today the idea of it seems so *blaaaaah* to me. Does that even make sense? I mean I love the idea of it but not exactly ready to experience it or what not.
Anyway, moving on my sister’s introduction was on Sunday, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but judging by the pictures, looked like a lot of fun. So happy for her and I cannot wait for the wedding.
Was also in DC for a brief second and we all know how much fun I have when I’m with my ‘peoples’. At the moment I’m in New York. Gosh it’s been such a long time since I’ve been here, I’m talking two
years. I plan on having a lot of fun plus I’m here for my darling friend/twin’s birthday *cheesy face*. Should be tons of fun so I’m definitely looking forward to it.
How have you all been? (I probably won’t get a response to that but it’s worth a try) =)
PS I didn’t proof read or anything…it’s past 2am…I’m tired so please excuse any ‘errors’. Smooches.


3 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Don’t know why I’m even commenting so late but I am just pulling in my driveway, literally.. Anyway just wanted to say It was good seeing u this weekend sis, had a blast as I always do when I see u.. Anyway I’m tired I’m going to bed!!lol Luv luv!!

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