Tonight is the NIGHT!!!!!!

I feel like my birthday is coming up….Even on my actual birthday I wasn’t this excited. So it being Easter Sunday tomorrow, that means I can get back on Twitter and Tumblr *pretend I’m crying….just for effects*

It’s been bittersweet…Ok I’m definitely lying…it’s been BITTER….iyama…Gosh if only you guys knew what I went through…there were so many different times when I HAD to tweet…so I wrote my “fake tweet” down instead…yeah pathetic I know but SHIT..I had to write/type it somewhere…and I am sorry Facebook is shit…ugh..I put up a funky status- I say funky because those of you that follow me on Twitter know how RANDOM I can be- and as soon as i click “share” people are liking it, some are sending me messages asking me if I’m ok and what not…hiss…On twitter, we just let that shit slide or RT it if it’s funny. SIMPLE!!!!!!!!

But yeah, I shall  be back at Midnight…yeah it’s that big-a-deal.

Been having finals this past week but it’s all coming to an end. Then summer school starts …blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

PS- I’m really loving this turban look of mine….wanna see? =D Look below.

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Smooches n Licks

The Lexxx



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