Emotional Wreck

So last night after studying, I stayed up to watch movies online. Although I’ve seen Something New (Sanaa Lathan, Simon Baker, Blair Underwood, Golden Brooks) I watched it again and it was so good. It’s funny how society ‘tries’  to tell us who to date, what to do, what to wear and all that fun stuff. Hence why I enjoy…yes enjoy people like Kanye West and Rihanna, and I could name some of my friends here but they will just get too excited so I wont =D. But yeah as I was saying, the movie was about Love obviously and how Kenya McQueen – a lawyer – found love where she wasn’t looking…her landscaper Brian Kelly ended up being the man for her.

“Let Go and Let Flow” — my fav. quote from the movie. Basically means let go of what you are used to and try Something New .  You never know what may come your way.

After that, I watched Lost Valentine (Betty White, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sean Faris) *sigh* now this was beautiful.  Was about how War brings two lovers apart on Valentine’s Day.  Caroline Thomas (Betty White) had to see her husband Neil off at LA Union Station when he was called to fight…they made a promise to each other to always love one another and for Neil to return some day and they would both continue with their regular lives.

Basically Neil was Missing in Action after the war was over. Long story short Susan Allison (Jennifer Love Hewitt) a young journalist was able to find love with Caroline’s grandson Lucas while working on this story to publish it to the world

“Love can stand the test of time” –my fav quote from this movie.

If you have nothing to do this weekend…I’d suggest these two movies.   Oh yeah i did cry at the end of Lost Valentine….only because it was sad -__- .

Secretly I’m a sucker for love *covers face*

#kthanksbye =D




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