Today, I would like you all to meet . . .

Name: Promise

Age: 19

What Do You Do?: Fashion Student

Hobbies: Shopping like any other girl. Now that I’ve started blogging it is my hobby and reading other people’s blogs and commenting. I love to read as well, but don’t have time during term time, so can’t wait to read a load of books over the summer.

Fun fact: Apparently, I talk in my sleep. A long time ago, I must have been having one of my conversations whilst sleeping, I don’t know what I said, but my sister got so freaked out that she ran down the stairs and slept in the living room. She said she didn’t want to sleep with the devil. I think it’s quite hilarious, I should come up with something and scare her even more.

I like how she puts different pieces together.  She’s got a great look, check out her blog

And if you’re on Twitter : @5inchheels




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