ReniRambles =D

Everyone meet……

Name – Reni
Age – It depends on who’s asking oh.. But generally, I’m in my 20s
What do you do? – Student. UCL. Chemical Engineering  (Sayo says: Impressive)Where you live? – London (Kings cross).  Lagos (VGC)
Hobbies – I dance a lot, swimming, blogging, drawing, eating (yes its very much a hobby), oh and occasionally i drop some one or two bars.. as in rapping and all
What type of things interest you? –  My hobbies have pretty much covered this.. but in addition, I looovve comedy, anything that makes me laugh makes me happy  🙂                                                                                                                                           Fun fact – I’ve spent almost an hour thinking about this. I swear I’m not this boring.. Sayo I’d get back to you on this one..


How beautiful is she?

Thank you Reni :*  ….and you guys check her blog out @deReni

You will NOT regret it.




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