April Fools

Its only about 9am and i’ve fooled quite a number of people this april 1st Funny enough this particular april fools was meant for just 1 person, but because of the way i did it other people got sucked into it.
Quite simply i changed my bb status to London town, and just rolled with the punches. Some people i told i was already in london, and others i told i was leaving today. Sometime around 11am, i’ll send out a mass April Fool’s bbm to my 8 victims. *EVIL LAUGH*

Zina almost had me april fooling myself though cos i now started believing that i was on my way to jand to see The Boss, come and see mini depression when i realized i was in my dream world again. Went straight to bed. I feel really really bad about pranking Ade also because he’s really really excited and the more excited he becomes the more i feel like a complete ass but i still keep typing and leading him on *Hands in face*. I just decided i’m not gonna April Fool him….. I’ll just tell him now and apologize.

What were your April Fools Pranks?


UPDATE: So I told Ade how its April 1st today and lets just say i might be gettiing the silent treatment for a while.



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