I am B.A.D

Forgive me….It’s been about a week since I last posted anything….my apologies. My cousin Adun came to visit last week and we were both ‘busy’ doing the things SHE wanted to do. *sigh* Not much has happened with me…Since April is right around the corner, I have about a month left till Summer starts so the work load has tripled =(

Oh one exciting thing I did was make a photo album =D …You know…Like the ones our Parents have…with all our childhood pictures and all. I was super stoked while putting my pictures together, It’s kinda sad that no one prints out pictures anymore..I mean having a digital camera, laptop and camera phone is good BUT I need to have something to show my kids..OR something to look back on..So far I have 2 albums and each holds about 300 pictures..I still have about 5 more to make …Yeah I have THAT many pictures.

As usual….here are a few pictures from last week.

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