Let’s Do This

No twitter for Lent. . . So far….so….not cool. BUT I will survive. Facebook shall be my twitter…. *cringe* .

Oh Pinky and Temi are also helping. This should be fun. Till then…I have decided to post new blogs EVERY DAY, even if it’s just to say…Hi.

Oh and I’ve started my aerobics and kick boxing classes….Summer is right around the corner people….Don’t Dull!

I’m extremely bored right now…Need something to do, Facebook isn’t doing it for me men. I’ve tried changing my status but it’s even annoying me. *sigh*

Dear Twitter Followers….I miss you!!!!!  Although this link was sent to you…I did not actually log in to post this…My blog posts it automatically. Either way sha…what’s really good? =)

Ok I’m just lame right now…Bye

Smooches n Licks!



2 thoughts on “Let’s Do This

  1. Doesn’t this mean u r cheating?lol U are posting on twitter indirectly and receiving responses such as this one. I am sure ur tweeps miss u too. I say it is not too late tolog back on to twitter and give up somn else. Matter of fact give up Fb! Lol

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