Is It Time?

For so many reasons, I have not been able to blog for the past couple of days. I apologize.

Today I just HAD to sit down and update you all. In MY own mind I think like a dude…..I Rock Out With My Cock Out. . . It’s like a standard procedure. . . BUT there comes a time in everyone’s life where they just want to settle down and blah blah blah…believe it or not people but that ‘time’ has come for me, I think anyways. I mean ‘if not why not’ aye? That’s how they say it right? So yeah….It’s one thing to admit to yourself that you are ready….it’s another thing to start talking to someone who just DOESN’T share the same ideas as you do. I’m not one to discuss my personal relationships or what not but UGHHH I’m just so irritated with one individual right now. He’s a pant…and needs to STEP HIS GAME UP *hence my bb status right now*

I just want to write a quick letter to him…I think that’ll help.

Dear Sir,

Let’s make some changes, once upon a time we were in LaLa Land. Remember how much fun we had there? Laughing all the time, you cracking dry jokes, me always smiling, and then that time you wouldn’t stop making fun of ……Yeah good times! Lately we’ve both lost it a little….I’m not going to blame you for anything because I’m in this too. Maybe we’re just too busy for each other right now but hey I’m willing to take some time out every now and then…I mean thank God for Blackberry’s. Long story short, I just think we need to work on our communication skills. You say you want something to come out of this but then you don’t show it. Call me stupid but in my mind…you’re just not that into me….I’ll admit it because that’s what I think..and If this was a friends situation I’d tell her the same thing.

Anyways you let me know what it is. I’m tired of playing around…The honeymoon phase is over….let’s ‘gist’ about the real stuff.



*sigh* I feel a little better.

So this is me…not caring who reads this….I’m tired…It’s either going to work out or not…I just want to know.

Meanwhile …The Lexxx….My new…’thing’ I guess I’d call it. I’m so into myself today it’s ridiculous.




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