Project Begins

So this past friday I officially started on our project, to say this was the worst weekend to start this is an understatement but I stuck to it. Friday night I went out for the first time in a while and had a blast, almost didn’t make it out cos I couldn’t find ANYTHING to wear. I kid you not, I either need a boyfriend who’s generous or a job  in fact I need both because the parents have decided that been a graduate means no more pocket money (anyway – digress), sat and sun I did the full on make-up too when I stepped out even though I didn’t really want to or feel like it (keeping up with the art; didn’t take any pics though. One thing I’ve already realized from the weekend is that I need to allot an additional hour and a half to my morning schedule…. 😦 ugh that’s taking away from my sleep. Anyway I’ll put up pics soon (my brother stole my camera). I promise to have the pictures up by tomorrow latest.

Sometime later I’m gonna tell you guys about some of the comments my dad and brothers have about this project LOL!!! You will roll

Hugs & Kisses


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