Eyelashes or Glued Lashes??

How many of you know how to put on fake eyelashes?….anyone?…. I dare not raise my hand, Sayo can raise her hand halfway 😀 >>. I just imagined a picture in my head of Sayo walking around with fake eyelashes on one eye (ROTFLMAO). Well today Sayo and I decided to try to learn how to wear fake lashes, since it is going to become part of our everyday routine for about a month.

We both recorded this attempt but I’m not even going to put up my video because it was a DISASTER. 15 minutes in, I had destroyed one of the lashes with too much glue and glue all over my eyelids, and 30 minutes in I had destroyed the 2nd lash and glued my eyelashes together…its ok you can laugh I did too, but it took me 20  minutes to get my own lashes unglued.  Sayo had a better time of the lashes than I did. She was able to get both her lashes to stay after about 30minutes…even though one was basically glued on her eyelid instead of really close to the eyelash…hehehe..i didnt tell her this.

Moral of this story we NEED to find somewhere to get individual lashes put in that last for a few weeks. Anyone have any idea of any reasonable place in MD and ATL, please email us or post a comment.

Hope you had a great weekend…. as is becoming the norm I did nothing woomp woomp 😦

Hugs & Kisses



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