An Ocean Away!

Hey people, can I just say it was BEAUTIFUL in Atlanta today!!!..I had such a good day…woke up feeling great, went to class, came back to my place and took THE best nap ever. Obviously…like every other night, I’m skyping with Temi right now and I am telling her about my male friend..we shall call him Kingsway (inside joke) . So I’m interested in Kingsway and things have been pretty good up until…well I guess tonight..or the past couple of days.  He doesn’t live in America so I guess you could say the distance is a total FEMALE DOG! Personally I’m used to talking to guys in other states/countries. Just my luck aye?! But this one seems very different and by that I mean the entire situation.

Right now I feel like it’s better for us to just let things be. He has a crazy/spontaneous schedule …and I …well I have school. I feel like I’m in a long distance relationship. =( How do I always get myself into these things?  It baffles me I swear.  I need to think things through…before saying anything to him, I feel like if we stop now it will be better in the long run which will be good. He and I BOTH don’t do long distance…and honestly right now I think it’s just HARD….


Here’s what Temi has to say on the topic.

Long distance (sigh…infact triple sigh) One of the makers and breakers of relationships. Like it isn’t hard enough having a long distance relationship with someone you’ve been with and in the same place with for years….let alone someone  you  just met on holidays and 1 month later you are in a long distance relationship with because she’s here and he’s halfway across the ocean. Personally, I’m not much of a believer in long distance relationships. I think it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice from both parties….and a tremendous amount of TRUST….yes that word TRUST.Very few people can really make long distance relationships work…. for those who can I commend them and wish the best of luck and for those who can’t my advice is to be truthful to your significant other…. it’s not that you don’t care about them  it’s just that you can’t do it… rather be truthful than to cheat on them and play them and then you guys end up hating each other don’t you think….you never know, one day you might both be in the same place and get the opportunity to make it work (my prayer for a particular couple). Now Personally as much as I’m skeptical about long distance relationships….  give them a chance…cos the most fulfilling relationship I’ve had to date was a long distance one, it didn’t work out in the end but while we were together I felt a calm, certainty and trust that I have never ever felt before and for that I’m grateful and blessed. With that last sentence I have just decided to actually give a certain person a chance…lets see where the road leads. Hugs and Kisses

So there you have it guys. What are your thoughts on the topic?




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