Valentine’s Day

Beautiful people, as we all know yesterday was Valentine’s Day. What did you all get up to?  For today’s post, Temi and I are going to write our personal views about it.


*sigh* St Valentine. God bless his heart. I love Love. But Valentine’s Day for me was fun when I was in secondary school. Back then I used to look forward to getting gifts (for every other holiday too). Nowadays it’s just BLEH!! Yes I’m single so that may be why the day doesn’t really phase me. But at the same time I think people (mainly girls) have taken it a little too far. Expecting the world but not willing to give back.  If you’re in a relationship or have that significant other who you are able to share the day with….appreciate him ladies. In this day and age finding a guy who is true to you is a bit hard…but God will provide =) Amen.

I had a test yesterday, came back to my place…got on skype with Temi, dressed up, took pictures and watched my regular Monday night shows….. *bliss*


Hi there. Hope you all had an enjoyable vals day. I didn’t do anything at all, didn’t even wear any red or pink. My valentine this year is a new friend who lives in London, so I didn’t do anything just chatted with him all day which was more than satisfactory to me.
My thoughts on valentine: I think it’s a day to remind those around who u care about that you love them. In my opinion little gestures suffice (but then again I’m someone who holds the little simple thing in high regard). Females seem to forget that valentine’s day is NOT just about them but also about the Males too…. Show your appreciation to them. And who said your valentines has to be a significant other,the most fun is had when you’re valentine is a really close friend. Last year my valentine was Pinky (@Pinksterrr)  a good friend of mine and we had a blast that whole weekend just doing any and everything together (she did lose her marbles a bit the day we went to the movies and were surrounded by couples… That’s another story) LOL
Anyways, I decided to go all pinkish with my make up in honor or vals day since I wasn’t wearing any of the colors. The woes of being alone all the time…I couldnt get a full length pic like Sayo… Oh well





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