Lazy Sundays

Hi People.. Temi Here

Hope u lot had a great weekend. I didn’t do much really just had a lazy relaxing one which i loved. Had a late lunch with 2 of my college Friends and caught up( 😀 ) Laughs all around; we talk about the craziest things. Anyway Sayo decided to give me the whole guilt trip thing because i havent been practicing much for our little experiment (X_X)….Not my fault, I hardly leave my house.

So at about 9pm yesterday whilst already in my pjs I decided to have a make-up session, but me being the lazy person I am I decided to do only one side (don’t judge me )LOL. took some pictures for u lot.

The Made up side

2 halves of a whole

Hope you guys are having a good Valentines day :*

Hugs & Kisses

— Btw I spent 9 Hours on Skype with Sayo on Sunday. Pls someone ask us what we were yapping about for 9hrs smh



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