“You’re too pretty to be SINGLE”

I think it’s hilarious when guys say “Sayo why are you single? You are too pretty to be single” .

I’m glad they think so but then again..it’s not THAT easy. I’ve heard time and time again that I can have any guy I want. If that’s the case why don’t I have (BLANK)???? Someone please tell me! Just today, I was talking to Temi and she was telling me how a friend of hers was saying pretty much the same thing to her. She made a good point by saying it’s because guys are very visual, so to them a pretty girl should always have someone. They see the ‘beauty’ in things.

But personally it’s annoying when people INSIST I’m seeing someone out there. *sigh* If only…..and NO I’m not saying I don’t need a man or anything but right just isn’t the time …I guess …*Shayzee Shrug*.

All is well though.Everything happens for a reason.




2 thoughts on ““You’re too pretty to be SINGLE”

  1. I have even heard men say that if a girl is a certain age and single they think okay….’What’s wrong with you?’ When I heard a guy say this I was mind boggled….

    • It’s really annoying trust me I know how you feel. Where I’m from (Nigeria) everyone asks why I don’t have a boyfriend….saying how I should be getting married soon. *sigh*
      Thanks for reading =)

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