On to the fun stuff =)

SO yeah, Temi and I are going to officially start our Barbie project in about a week! I am uber excited about this project…It’s just something fun to do, and honestly I’ve always wanted to try something like this.

Yesterday I decided to have a little practice session. Obviously you all know about my job here on campus, the Boys had a game (basketball) at Bryan College. So we all took a trip there. And this is what I wore….

Oh and I also decided to try the Turban look. Which is coming back in style now. =) . I wish I got a better picture but I was rushing *shy face*. My shoes are a pair CUTE WEDGES I recently purchased. Anyone who knows me knows that wedges and i don’t mix well….I think it’s safe to say I’m over that phase now =D.

My make up isn’t so ‘Barbie’ ..in fact it’s not Barbie at all….but it’s slowly coming together.

Ok I have tried for the day.

Smooches n Licks =)



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