Hold Me Down

So for the most part of today I was a bit down. From finding out a  friends’ Dad passed away today to finding out someone dear to me was going through some MAJOR issues in her life…It was just a lot for me to handle. Luckily I have good people in my life, from my Mother, Sister, Vanessa, Temi, Puddin and others I was able to relax and clear my head a little. Been listening to a lot of music, writing even more (in my journal) and just watching tv. Sometimes it’s good to just ‘do you’ , whatever that may be, everybody has their own way of calming down and relaxing their minds. Like they say “Different strokes for different folks”.

Honestly the title of this post has a hidden meaning. There are 3 main things running through my mind as I type:
1) February begins in about 6hours-new month to the new year. Also My Dad’s birthday , 7yrs since Derrick passed away and come the end of the month I’ll get a break from school. So It’s bittersweet.

2) School- Hold Me Down: basically meaning I want to be able to get through this semester without being stressed or overworked. With God by my side I know I’ll be fine.

3) The obvious- it’s been about 2+ yrs since my last relationship. *blehhhh* Long story short…it doesn’t seem like a bad idea for me to settle down this year. We’ll see  how that goes.

Oh and ugh Valentine’s Day is coming up. All he has to say is “Happy Valentin’es Day babe” and I’m cool. I mean there’s not much he can do anyways he’s not in Atlanta so *blehhhh* .

Hope you guys had a good weekend, and Have a great week

Happy New Month people.




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