The BIG Move

Hey you guys, so obviously I did not return when I said I was going to. Truth is i forgot to ask my friend and….yeah it totally skipped my mind.

So basically I just got off the phone with Shane my brother *Bless his heart*. He and I are extremely close, i love him to death. We were just talking generally and I randomly said “Aww Shane I’m leaving you in December”….he goes “Errr no you’re not…stop dreaming.”   I got upset and asked him why he said that…..he went on to ‘preach’ to me that he doesn’t want me to go to Nigeria just yet, that he feels like I’m rushing back….

Truth of the matter is, He’s just going to miss me =).  And I can’t lie…he’s my older brother of course I’ll miss him too. And I do understand what he means by I might not be ready. Best believe I will not move back if I don’t think I’m ready.



Anyways not much to say tonight. Hope you are all well.




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