Brief Update…

Happy Saturday People,

So today I plan on doing….NOTHING….this is my day to just sit indoors, watch movies, catch up on my shows, eat, do some work, dance and….all that kind of stuff. It is 1:18pm right now, I’ve been up since about 10am…haven’t left my bed yet…been watching some Forensic show and Spartacus…If you don’t watch Spartacus and have nothing to do today or have some free time. PLEASE START..that show is amazing.

In other news I really want to tell you guys about my friend and her situation…BUT I have to get permission from her 1st and i Promise if she says yes I will be back later on today to fill you in. Now if  I had a situation to tell you all about, you’d definitely know by now. But thank God my Love Muffin has been behaving himself, the time difference is the only thing that annoys me, but I’m coping.

It’s hard out here for a pimp– I say this all the time and people think I’m paying. But I’m being completely serious. More power to those who actually last in long distance relationships…I’m not in one now but just ‘talking’ to someone in a different state or country is TOUGH.  What do you all think about it?

Anyways I’m off to make myself breakfast =) at 1:30pm. Life is so Good!!!

I SHALL be back…in a couple hours hopefully.




2 thoughts on “Brief Update…

  1. Long distance sucks monkey balls. The hardest part is what Bey said – “My happiest moments weren’t complete if you weren’t by my side”. Blehhh! Haha yea and time distance is a female dog. I feel like a jet lagged American since I end up staying up til 4/5am everyday. Hi Sayo 🙂

    • Dee!!!! Hi boo….gosh more power to YOU my dear. Hang in there. I’m sure if/when I find that someone who I truly care for I’ll make it work..But as of right now, it just seems uber long. *sigh*


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