Good Day People

So I think I’m going to put a link of this blog up on my tumblr. Just because I write here, but i swear not that many people read it. In all honesty I’ve stopped reading blogs so I don’t blame…everyone….BUT I will still continue to write here…well because it’s MY BLOG =D

Ok I’m not making sense….Today was a chilled day, went to class, bball practice and now I’m back in my apartment about to find something to eat. I woke up in such a good mood today ….was on skype last night with… friend..and my Twin Ellie was with me…so it was just fun faffing around and being silly….

Oh and TGIF!!! *sigh* I get to sleep in *doing the cabbage patch dance*. I shall pamper myself this weekend, do my homework and be a good girl.

Hope you all have an amazing yet safe weekend too.




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