The Final Stretch.

I do this all the time. I post a blog…then I disappear. I am SORRY!!!! I don’t like starting something I can’t finish, so therefore I shall try my best this time around….So everything is just getting back to normal, the holiday season is over, everyone has gone back to school/work, the holiday romance is over so everyone is in that ‘honeymoon’ phase so it’s just pure bliss right now *sigh*.

btw…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason why this blog is titled ‘The Final Stretch’ is because this year, I’ll be graduating from university *and then i hit my dougie* I’m too happy…not there yet but not so far away from it either.. Plus I get to move back home to Lagos, Nigeria. =) Only God knows how happy I get every time I talk about it.

So quick update. …. Mr Popadom and I are just friends now, the other day he read my blog and BAM!! He saw the post from OCTOBER and called me out on it…Obviously I had to be honest….we spoke about things and …let’s just say we are friends now. *smooches*

Lagos this holiday (Dec10/Jan11) was…..EPIC…..I had a blast as always, met some good people..but they seem to be holiday friends…it’s still too early to tell so we’ll see. Met a lot of prospects…..but I don’t want to get my hopes up…they all (well most) met me while I was out so…can’t really say much there either.

Anyways, Thanks to Lexi for making me blog tonight.  Got an early start tomorrow so I shall be back =)




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