…Just stopping by

So like I said, I’m going to post something every other day if not every day =D . It’s only 9:15am,I’ve got another class in 15minutes which should be…Fun -___- !!!  So last night was a bit on the cool side, I was up bbming some friends who had me rolling. (Love you DeeDee). I keep saying it, this year shall be very interesting, although someone is going to get hurt….I hate to admit it but it’s true and it won’t be me….I hope. There’s just too much going on for me to handle alone…..and that’s where SuperMan comes in. In due time you will know about ‘him’ …..hopefully I will too =)

*side-note* I have a crush …It’s so cute….He’s hilarious actually, very confident and I think that’s extremeley sexy. I can tell he gets a little shy sometimes which i Enjoy =D

Ok I’m going to head to class now BUT I will be back.




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